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Technique Details- Corona, California
CS-II B268 Coating lasts for 12 months per layer (up to 2 max). No waxing is required for 12-18 months. B268 offers phenomenal value for the dollar but will require more frequent revisits to be reapplied. A true Si02 coating, it is superior to any wax or sealant on the market.

B268 Ad in Singapore

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B268 Entry Level Coating
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Technique Details- Corona, California
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Technique Details- Corona, California
The Benefits of B268 Coating:
Cost effective entry level protection
  • Keeping your car brand new looking for many years
  • Elimination of the need to wax by sealing in permanently protective shine
  • Preserves resale value of New car
  • Increases resale value of Used car
  • The long-lasting value it adds to your vehicle’s appearance while protecting the environment by eliminating the need to use harmful detergents and generate waste water
  • Protects your vehicle’s paint finish and simultaneously adds a brilliant shine which is guaranteed to last for at least 12 months
  • Enhance your experience of your car by increasing its feel and visual appeal as well as cleanliness
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ShowCarPerfection.com- Anaheim Hills, California
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ShowCarPerfection.com- Anaheim Hills, California
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ShowCarPerfection.com- Anaheim Hills, California
CS-II Paint Sealant is to be applied by CS-II Certified Professionals Only.
SERVICE MSRP: Starting from $375.00